BAY-SAN attendees will nominate/elect five (5) people to comprise the organization’s STEERING COMMITTEE.

STEERING COMMITTEE members, once chosen, will appoint the following three (3) roles within themselves:

CHAIRPERSON: Responsible for organization and logistics of the committee.
SECRETARY: Responsible for keeping records, including minutes of quarterly meetings.
TREASURER: Financial responsibility for organization, maintains financial records.

The STEERING COMMITTEE will meet over following 12 months to determine procedures and initiatives for the continuing BAY-SAN organization.

STEERING COMMITTEE issues to include:

  • How to define BAY-SAN membership
  • Finances: Accounting, Dues
  • Ongoing coordination of meeting hosts and sponsors
  • Ongoing coordination of administrative responsibilities
  • Defining wider initiatives
  • Website development
  • Case consultation group
  • Clinical training opportunities
  • Host a conference
  • Outreach to community
  • Support/Resources for Interns
  • Practice Development support

Click here to read Launch Document from Inaugural BAY-SAN Meeting.

Interested in serving on the BAY-SAN Steering Committee? If you’re unable to attend this May 13th meeting, please contact Jenner Bishop MFT, CSAT-S at (510) 463-4051.